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Mango and Ginger Chutney


Product Description:
Mango and Ginger Chutney, otherwise known as Hyderabadi Aam & Adrak Chutney, is popular for its tangy taste. This sweet and flavourful Mango and Ginger chutney is sure to leave a tingle in the mouth.

Ingredients and Allergens:
Mangoes, Mango Pulp, Sugar, Chillies, Ginger, Oil, Lemon Juice and Spices

As all products are produced in the same facilities this product may contain traces of NUTS or PEANUTS.

Shelf Life and Weight:
4 months before opening
After opening store in fridge and consume within 2 weeks

Regular - 300g approx
Small - 125g approx

Serving Suggestions:
This chutney is sure to compliment any Asian snack like Pakoras, Chaats, poppadums and even works with cheese. We also suggest trying this alongside some lentils and white rice for a great combination.

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