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Craving those comforting, delicious meals from childhood? We get you! At Tosha Dibba, Umer and Maria bring you the heart-warming flavours of home, inspired by generations-old recipes passed down with love.

We take immense pride in our heritage, and that means incredible food! Our mouth-watering curries and chutneys are all handmade with love, bursting with the authentic flavours you know and adore.

"Tosha Dibba" itself means "box of happiness" – and that's exactly what we aim for. Every jar is packed with flavour, ready to deliver a taste of homemade goodness straight at your table.

We pour our love into every jar, meticulously packing each order to deliver a taste of homemade goodness straight to your table. No need to travel far – savour the comfort and authenticity of our family recipes from the convenience of your own home.

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